Do you know how to set and achieve goals for yourself?

It’s past January 1st do you know where your goals are? Spoiler alert! New Year’s Resolutions are not goals!!! They are a type of wish and hope mental magic that we use in a desperate bid to make the coming year better than the last.

Since you work in a healthcare setting, goals are probably something you do often at work. Many of our positions require us to work with our patients to help them (or us for them) set goals and work towards achieving them. We’re usually very good at this for others, but when it comes to our…

Are you really ready for a promotion?

One of the things I hear from healthcare workers all the time is that they are not paid enough for what they do. Working in healthcare can be so hard. It can take a toll emotionally and physically that people outside of healthcare really can’t get a full appreciation.

How much should you really be getting paid? There isn’t a short answer, unfortunately, this is going to depend a lot on what your role is in your organization and your unique expertise and experience. In other words, what are you bringing to the table?

Things to ask yourself before approaching…

Rosa Crumpton, RN, BSN, BS, MBA/HCM

Rosa helps experienced healthcare professionals reconnect with their purpose without setting unattainable goals, burning out, or feeling demoralized.

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